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Special Purpose

Oversized Loads refer to cargo that exceeds the standard legal size and weight limits for transportation on public roads. This type of load requires special handling, equipment, and permits to ensure safe and compliant transit. Jonker Trucking specializes in managing the complexities associated with transporting oversized loads across local, national, and cross-border routes.
  • Construction machinery such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators
  • Prefabricated building components like large beams, trusses, and sections
  • Wind turbine components including blades, towers, and nacelles
  • Large industrial equipment such as boilers, presses, and tanks
  • Agricultural equipment including combines, sprayers, and large tractors
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Equipment Needs

Specialized trailers such as lowboys, dropdecks, and multi-axle extendable trailers are often required. Our fleet is equipped to handle a variety of oversized load demands.

Permit Acquisition

Each state or province may have different requirements for oversized loads. We handle the entire permit process, ensuring all legal requirements are met for smooth transportation.

Route Planning

Due to the size and weight of oversized loads, route planning is critical. We meticulously plan the transport route to avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and areas with transport restrictions

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when transporting oversized loads. When necessary, we provide pilot cars, escort vehicles, and necessary signage to ensure the safety of the load, our crew, and other road users.

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At Jonker Trucking, we are committed to delivering your oversized loads with utmost precision and safety. Our experienced team, equipped with the right tools and knowledge, stands ready to tackle the challenges of transporting oversized cargo. We ensure compliance with all regulations, guaranteeing that your load arrives safely and on time.