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Open Trailer Equipment Hauling

‘Low Pro’ Stepdeck with Ramps available

Special Purpose

Float service is a specialized transportation solution designed for moving heavy machinery and oversized equipment. This service typically utilizes various types of heavy-duty trailers, including lowboy, dropdeck, and flatbed, to accommodate the specific needs of large and heavy loads.

For the special jobs, we have a low-profile stepdeck with ramps for fast and easy loading. Drive right on - no dock required.
  • Heavy construction machinery (e.g., excavators, backhoes, bulldozers)
  • Large industrial equipment (e.g., presses, boilers)
  • Agricultural heavy equipment (e.g., combines, tractors)
  • Structural components (e.g., steel beams, large prefabricated parts)
  • Oversized vehicles (e.g., buses, specialized utility vehicles)
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Trailer Options

Lowboy, Dropdeck, Double Dropdeck, Extendable Flatbeds

Permit Acquisition

Assistance with route planning and oversized load permits

Maximum Load

Up to 80,000 lbs (standard) – can vary greatly depending on equipment and permit

Safety Features

Pilot cars and escort vehicles as required by law

Additional Services

Door-to-door delivery, loading/unloading assistance, and securement

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Our Float service is tailored to meet the challenges of transporting exceptionally large and heavy loads. With a fleet of specialized trailers and experienced operators, we ensure that your valuable equipment is transported safely and efficiently. We handle all logistics, from permit acquisition to final delivery, providing a comprehensive solution for your heavy haul needs.