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‘Low Pro’ Stepdeck with Ramps available

Special Purpose

A Dropdeck or Stepdeck trailer, often used interchangeably in the industry, features a design with two deck levels: a higher front and a lower rear deck. This configuration allows for the transport of taller items without exceeding height restrictions and facilitates easier loading and unloading of heavy equipment.

For the special jobs, we have a low-profile stepdeck with ramps for fast and easy loading. Drive right on - no dock required.
  • Agricultural machinery (tractors, combines)
  • Construction vehicles (excavators, bulldozers)
  • Industrial components (large tanks, generators)
  • Structural materials (steel beams, large pipes)
  • Prefabricated sections of buildings
  • Large commercial vehicles
  • Road construction equipment
  • Wind turbine components
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Trailer LENGTH

48′ to 53′

Upper Deck Height

60″ to 62″

Lower Deck Height

36″ to 42″

Loading Options

Ramps for drive-on capabilities

Maximum Load

45,000 to 50,000 lbs

Deck Material

Typically steel or reinforced composites

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